The story began on where I am targeted by people who dislike Michael Jackson right around the time of his death. Smear campaigns are quickly picked up by their resident trolls and then, at the suggestion of a ring leader, a blog "warning" that I am dangerous is created. To abusive bullies, yes, I suppose I am.

Because I am not afraid to speak out against abuse and label it for exactly what it is.

Why should you care?


CHRIS TOLLES RESPONDS: Is Employing Cyber Stalkers to Moderate Their Forums? (Part II)

In a prior post, after a slew of attacks appeared on both Topix and Blogger, once again defaming, slandering my name I asked the question, specifically directed to Topix CEO Chris Tolles :  Are Your Topix Moderators Stalking Indiviuals Online to Drive Traffic to Your Site?  Well, here is the response to my question from Mr. Tolles himself:

Hmm, "use the systems we set up"; that's interesting advice.  I want to show you,  this is the same person who wrote this a few years ago:

So cyber stalkers are not employed by; Mr. Tolles has advised that one should use the system they've set up to address cyber stalkers,  but he's having conversations with a cyber stalker on Twitter, where he AGREES with their delusional allegations? 

Look below, he's basically making the same allegations that the cyber stalkers have made for years.  After a DEATH THREAT is made on Topix and reported, here was Mr. Tolles' strange response: 

So Mr. Tolles accuses me of posting to Topix using several aliases.  Sound familiar?  What an Amazing Coincidence!  In a prior post, I already referenced how Topix Moderators edited a comment slandering me and changed my name to "hateful beyotch":

But they're not employed to start trouble?  What do you think?  Does it look like, their CEO and their moderators have their hands clean? Is Mr. Tolles' response believable?

CHRIS TOLLES: Are your TOPIX MODERATORS stalking inviduals online to drive traffic to your site?

After a three year hiatus, perhaps in a mental ward in some prison or locked away in some psycho institution, the cyber stalkers have resumed their attack, of course using the same forums and the same tactics.  Apart from the fact that they are breaking the law and behaving in a highly abusive and dysfunctional manner, it's all VERY BORING.  It has been disclosed that these people are actually the MODERATORS of TOPIX.COM which I will speak to later in this piece.  The question in the title was directed to Chris Tolles and I have received a response.

But let's briefly address the nonsensical accusations once and for all.  Suffice it to say, Calling me a "welfare recipient", when social services that assist the poor are valuable and necessary, is DUMB.    Calling me a bad mother who neglects her kids when my children are both juniors in college is IGNORANT.  Claiming that I do not work and spend all day online impersonating and stalking others when I am a successful professional is RIDICULOUS. Saying that I am a "talent-less"  "non-writer" points to deep-seeded jealousy. It is the last time I will address these ridiculous claims.  

These alleged employees of (if that allegation is true) are seriously wasting their time. But they've improved a bit on their accusations in such a way that I will address:   I am now supposedly impersonating EVERYONE.  There are a whole list of names that they recite en route, like trained dogs:   Debra FfrenchDavid Edwards, Lynette Anderson, Helena Ovchinnikova.

What do they all have in common?  They are all "vindicators of Michael Jackson", people who write online on the subject of Michael Jackson and his innocence.  

I have never dedicated a blog or writing exclusively to vindicating Michael Jackson.  

I wrote funny, cute stories about Michael Jackson until I became the target of obsessive fans and "haters", cyber stalked and slandered,  and it was no longer cute or funny. 

                                    I am NOT a vindicator of Michael Jackson writer.

It should be noted that although these writers dedicate their time exclusively to defending Michael Jackson, his legacy and his name, none have ever publicly denounced these claims that I am impersonating them and/or that we are all one person - mainly,  ME.  If they have publicly denounced this behavior, I have never seen it. Therefore, it falls on me to do what that will not.

  1. Lynette Anderson is a professional psyche nurse who lives in Bemidji, Minnesota.  She also writes on the subject of vindication of Michael Jackson for the blog she co-admins, Michael Jackson Vindication 2.0.  She is not me and I am not her.  Period, end of story.
  2. Helena Ovchinnikova lives in Ukraine, Russia.   She is also a blogger who has dedicated years to writing about Michael Jackson's innocence on her site, Vindicating MJ
  3. David Edwards, as far as I know, was also a writer at Vindicating MJ, using the online moniker of "Sanemjfan" on WordPress and Twitter,  until a falling-out occurred in-house, which lead he and Lynette Anderson to create Michael Jackson Vindication 2.0 and migrate all of their writings from the former blog to the new blog, continuing the same theme.  I'm not sure if he still writes actively under the same moniker or is involved with the blog at all but obviously he is his own unique person.
  4. Debrah Ffrench once again wrote for the Vindicating MJ fan.  I have no idea if she still continues to do so, as the blog is closed for comments.

These individuals (including myself) have been cyber stalked online for years, attacked, defamed and slandered.  Some of the attacks have been reproduced as a frame of reference here in other articles.  These individuals  have also addressed these incidents individually, I believe, but as I mentioned, none have come out condeming this wholesale attack on myself, clarifying that I am certainly not impersonating them and neither am I responsible for every word they've produced online! 

From the inception of this cyber stalking the most expedient and popular way to cyber stalk has always been through  As eluded to earlier, it has come to my attention that has been the go to place predominantly because these cyber stalkers are actually employees of Topix, moderators charged with driving traffic to the site by creating chaos and drama in the lives of their victims.   If this is true, the despicable toxicity of has now risen to the level of criminality.  This information doesn't surprise me.   I've always known that the moderators participate in the slander and libel, which is why they would edit a comment after a complaint by replacing my name with "hateful beyotch".

Is Christine Monica White, whom I confirmed as ONE of the people stalking me online, on the payroll of   Has she ever been?  After I outed her as a cyber stalker online she changed the name of and her Twitter account several  times and then deleted it; her FB page went virtually silent.  On Linkedin she became "Christine W." and the cyber stalking seemed to stop.  Here are both Christine White and Chris Tolles libeling me prior to her disappearance. 

At first I was perplexed when after three years of virtual silence, a defaming blog reciting all the usual accusations emerged, seemingly out of the blue.  However, I have since learned that the defamation never really stopped.  Since I refused to allow unhinged, mentally ill, online bullies to dominate my time, it was being done unbeknownst to me, on places like FB, Twitter-  on pages that I do not follow, in conversations that took place outside of my awareness so I could not defend myself.

And, it seems, on January 4, 2016 a post was put up on the Michael Jackson Vindication 2.0 blog entitled:  To Whom It May Concern:  What is Cyberstalking, quoting YEARS of defaming comments, mostly appearing on Topix, word for word.  Of course, there needed to be a response, and so I, being the most visible person that could be attacked (as far as I know none of the other writers have their photos online) IMMEDIATELY had tweets written slandering me, posts put up on Topix defaming me and yet another blog made about me, this time calling me a "CYBER TERRORIST" and claiming, as mentioned at the outset of this piece, that I was impersonating everyone.

The people behind this deranged behavior have a habit of reinventing themselves with new monikers, names, handles and accounts on Twitter, Topix, Blogger - pretty much where ever they are given free reign to do so.  It is why they project and accuse others of doing what they do:  CYBER STALK.   When Lynette Anderson recently put up a list of Twitter accounts, advising Michael Jackson fans to block them, of course, in response, a NEW Topix post was immediately made ABOUT ME. 


I wish the online bloggers who have dedicated their time and attention to vindicating Michael Jackson's good name, God speed and good luck.  

 It is not a topic that I am interested in writing about.  

I have perceived the world of Michael Jackson to be a toxic one, filled with obsession on both the sides of the board, both among the  fans and the "haters"; a world full of projection, competitive cliques and accusations.  

I do not want anything to do with that kind of negativity, and so I have removed myself from that world.  Except certain individuals, without the capacity to reason and think, insist on trying to drag me backwards into it again. 

It's not working.  As I said, it is extremely boring.  But maybe they're all doing it because IT'S THEIR JOB!

Christine M. White, Salem NY Esthetician and Cyber Stalker

The woman who IS cyber stalking me: Christine Monica White, is a former real estate agent at Houlihan Real Estate turned "Estetician".  When I realized I was being cyber stalked, I had no idea who was posting a plethora of lies, slander and defaming comments about myself, my profession and my children under the cover of anonymity all over the web.  Not knowing who it was, I could not take legal measures to protect myself.  It would be impossible to file a police report against an unknown culprit, obtain an order of protection or even consider a defamation law suit.  I had no idea where to file it, in what venue, where to serve notice nor whom to serve it upon ....  
It can be a very disheartening and helpless experience, continuously and systematically attacked by a person whom you cannot identify.  If you are being cyber stalked or have ever been, you can relate to the feeling of frustration that accompanies just not knowing who has taken such a negative interest in your life and why.  In my particular case, I no longer have that problem. 
Now I know that Christine Monica White was born on July 1st, 1966 and as of the writing of this article is 47 years old.  I know she currently resides in South Salem, New York but at one time lived in Danbury, Connecticut.   I know she was born in Brooklyn, New York, attended Fox Lane High School in Bedford N.Y.; has a sister named Susan, an aunt named Jane and an Uncle named Louis.  I know she attended The New York School of Esthetics and Day Spa in February of last year.  All seemingly normal facts about a normal person, yet Christine M. White is far from "normal" -  I've confirmed her identity as an online bully, cyber stalker and resident troll.  And this stalking has been ongoing for years.

Stacy Knows My Cyber Stalker: Introducing Christine M. White

Introducing the woman cyber stalking me, Christine M. White, alleged real estate agent and world traveler, confirmed online bully, cyber stalker and Topix resident troll.  She's been stalking me for years.
Stacy Geisinger of Westchester, owner of the popular StacyKnows blog, knows my cyber stalker.  How do I know?  Allow me to explain.

The Never Ever Ending Story

If Chris Tolles, Topix and on of the person [Christine M. White formerly/aka cmw1010 on Twitter as well as SpaGirlisme on Twitter and Yolatanga online - all accounts have since been suspended] cyber stalking me had their way, ten years from now I would still be reporting their slandering comments on  or the other websites where they go to post the same ridiculous, repetitive content that they've posted for the years they've cyber stalked myself.

Chris Tolles Casually Talking to and Agreeing with a Cyberstalker

Excuse me, what has Chris Tolles figured out?  Who is Christine White?  She used to be CMW1010 on Twitter.  Now she is SpaGirl, (the acount has since been suspended)  someone who doesn't know me at all, and who has now as of this moment been blocked from my Twitter account.  I'm not a celebrity.  Why such an interest in me?

TOPIX. Your Name. Your Life. Day Seven

It is day seven and some time between today and yesterday Topix finally removed the post that they failed to remove a week ago when they deleted several defaming posts that were made using my first and last name by a troll who has been cyber stalking me on their forum for at least six months.

So let's recap:  Day One (May 15th, 2012):   

TOPIX. Your Name. Your Reputation. Day Five.

It has been five days since Topix admins deleted a number of slanderous and libelous comments and posts defaming me from their forums.  These posts and comments were written using my full name and made a number of vile and baseless claims about me.  Though Topix deleted the majority of them, they failed to delete one, a post which continues (along with all the deleted ones) to be indexed by Google in multiple URLS linking right back to the Topix website.  When I discovered the Twitter account of my cyber stalker was being followed by a Topix administrator, I followed Chris Tolles and sent him a tweet.

Yesterday, Chris Tolles followed me back just long enough, I suppose, to figure out why I had asked him to please instruct his admins to remove my name and the defaming post against me from their forums.


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