The story begins on where I am targeted by people who dislike Michael Jackson right around the time of his death. Smear campaigns are quickly picked up by Topix resident trolls and then, at the suggestion of a ring leader, a blog "warning" that I am dangerous is created.

To abusive bullies, yes, I suppose I am. Why?
Because I am not afraid to speak out against abuse and to label it for exactly what it is when I see it.
Why should you care?

Christine M. White, Salem NY Esthetician and Cyber Stalker

The woman who has been cyber stalking me, Christine Monica White, is a former real estate agent at Houlihan Real Estate turned "Estetician".  When I realized I was being cyber stalked, I had no idea who was posting a plethora of lies, slander and defaming comments about myself, my profession and my children under the cover of anonymity all over the web.  Not knowing who it was, I could not take legal measures to protect myself.  It would be impossible to file a police report against an unknown culprit, obtain an order of protection or even consider a defamation law suit.  I had no idea where to file it, in what venue, where to serve notice nor whom to serve it upon ....  
It can be a very disheartening and helpless experience, continuously and systematically attacked by a person whom you cannot identify.  If you are being cyber stalked or have ever been, you can relate to the feeling of frustration that accompanies just not knowing who has taken such a negative interest in your life and why.  In my particular case, I no longer have that problem. 
Now I know that Christine Monica White was born on July 1st, 1966 and as of the writing of this article is 47 years old.  I know she currently resides in South Salem, New York but at one time lived in Danbury, Connecticut.   I know she was born in Brooklyn, New York, attended Fox Lane High School in Bedford N.Y.; has a sister named Susan, an aunt named Jane and an Uncle named Louis.  I know she attended The New York School of Esthetics and Day Spa in February of last year.  All seemingly normal facts about a normal person, yet Christine M. White is far from "normal" -  I've confirmed her identity as an online bully, cyber stalker and resident troll.  And this stalking has been ongoing for years.

Stacy Knows My Cyber Stalker: Introducing Christine M. White

Introducing the woman who is cyber stalking me, Christine M. White, alleged real estate agent and world traveler, confirmed online bully, cyber stalker and Topix resident troll.  She's been stalking me for years.
Stacy Geisinger of Westchester, owner of the popular StacyKnows blog, knows my cyber stalker.  How do I know?  Allow me to explain.

The Never Ever Ending Story

If Chris Tolles, Topix and the person [Christine M. White formrly aka cmw1010 on Twitter but now aka SpaGirlisme on Twitter aka Yolatanga online] cyber stalking me had their way, ten years from now I would still be reporting their slandering comments on  or the other websites where they go to post the same ridiculous, repetitive content that they've posted for the years they've cyber stalked myself.

Chris Tolles Casually Talking to and Agreeing with a Cyberstalker

Excuse me, what has Chris Tolles figured out?  Who is Christine White?  She used to be CMW1010 on Twitter.  Now she is SpaGirl, someone who doesn't know me at all, and who has now as of this moment been blocked from my Twitter account.  I'm not a celebrity.  Why such an interest in me?

TOPIX. Your Name. Your Life. Day Seven

It is day seven and some time between today and yesterday Topix finally removed the post that they failed to remove a week ago when they deleted several defaming posts that were made using my first and last name by a troll who has been cyber stalking me on their forum for at least six months.

So let's recap:  Day One (May 15th, 2012):   

TOPIX. Your Name. Your Reputation. Day Five.

It has been five days since Topix admins deleted a number of slanderous and libelous comments and posts defaming me from their forums.  These posts and comments were written using my full name and made a number of vile and baseless claims about me.  Though Topix deleted the majority of them, they failed to delete one, a post which continues (along with all the deleted ones) to be indexed by Google in multiple URLS linking right back to the Topix website.  When I discovered the Twitter account of my cyber stalker was being followed by a Topix administrator, I followed Chris Tolles and sent him a tweet.

Yesterday, Chris Tolles followed me back just long enough, I suppose, to figure out why I had asked him to please instruct his admins to remove my name and the defaming post against me from their forums.

TOPIX. Your Town. Your News. Your Reputation, in DANGER

Four days ago, the person[s] cyber stalking and harassing me decided to create several harassing and slanderous posts in a forum against myself.  For hours I received back to back Google alerts for all of the indexed posts.

To illustrate the ease with which a person can impersonate, slander and defame someone using the forums, I created a post pointing out how fast Google had indexed these posts

Topix. Your Town. Your News. Your Life IN JEPARDY.

Yesterday I wrote a post outlining how easily and quickly a person can cyber stalk, harass and bully a person using the free for all forums.

Though Topix admins removed a number of the multiple, repetitively defaming and slanderous posts which the cyber stalker targeting me created in their forums, they (purposefully or unintentionally) neglected to remove one, which was, along with all the others, immediately indexed by Google under several URLS.

At the end of my piece I asked, since Chris Tolles contends that clear cases of slanderous and defaming posts ARE removed by Topix admins, how long will it take for Topix to remove this defaming post?

To date it has been two days.   The failure to remove slanderous defaming posts is a clear invitation for cyber stalkers to continue using Topix forums to stalk and harass and a message to other abusive personalities to follow suit.


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