The story began on where I am targeted by people who dislike Michael Jackson right around the time of his death. Smear campaigns are quickly picked up by their resident trolls and then, at the suggestion of a ring leader, a blog "warning" that I am dangerous is created. To abusive bullies, yes, I suppose I am.

Because I am not afraid to speak out against abuse and label it for exactly what it is.

Why should you care?


Stacy Knows My Cyber Stalker: Introducing Christine M. White

Introducing the woman cyber stalking me, Christine M. White, alleged real estate agent and world traveler, confirmed online bully, cyber stalker and Topix resident troll.  She's been stalking me for years.
Stacy Geisinger of Westchester, owner of the popular StacyKnows blog, knows my cyber stalker.  How do I know?  Allow me to explain.
Topix is a news aggregator site which reproduces various news story on their site and provides forums for virtually every town, city and borough in America.  In those forums, people can comment, without registering, anonymously on any topic that they so choose. Naturally and not surprisingly, it has become a cesspool of gossip and slander.   In a post entitled, "TOPIX.  Your Name.  Your Life.  Day Seven", I introduced the account of "MJacksonComback",  an anti-Michael Jackson twitter account pretending to be a "pro" Michael Jackson twitter account.  The account re-posts all the slanderous, libelous and harassing comments/posts created in the Michael Jackson Topix forum where I, and many other people are being defamed.

I discovered this account had tweeted comments/posts defaming me AFTER they were reported and complained about and then deleted by Topix admins.   That's right, AFTER.  Right around this time, another Twitter account surfaced for a user CMW1010 (as of July 2013, now SpaGirl and to date, deleted.), who used the same language as the Topix troll and actually had the audacity to accuse me of being a cyber troll.  I blogged about it in a post entitled, Chris Tolles Casually Talking to and Agreeing with a Cyber Stalker

This Twitter account, belonging to Christine M. White, went on a rampage shortly thereafter, tweeting David Edwards several times, back to back, attacking his personage, intelligence and Michael Jackson.  David Edwards is the administrator of a Michael Jackson blog and tweets and posts under the handle, "Sanemjfan"

David Edwards has been the focus of the Topix troll/cyber stalker for months, so he promptly blocked Christine M. White.
Shortly after being blocked by David Edwards, Christine M. White again slanders my name, this time accusing me of being the person behind the "MJacksonComback" twitter account.

 Curiously enough, a Topix post entitled, "Sabine/smilemj/jerkmaine copying everything here to her Twitter Account" is posted by a person using the nic, "Truth Prevail" making the same accusation.  Both went up at the EXACT same time.

Like clock work,  the MJacksonComback pretend pro-Jackson twitter account, re-tweets the post:
I highly suspect Christine White is the operator of the "MJacksonComback" twitter account; that she's also the Topix resident troll and that she also created the "sabinefaustintruth" blog on Blogger which defames and slanders me.  The author of that blog chose the name, "Truth Teller" .
It would certainly explain why she would Tweet nonsense to Chris Tolles, Topix CEO but it doesn't explain why he would actually respond:
Where does Stacy Geisinger come in?  Upon going over Christine White's past tweets, I noticed two things:   Before March of 2012, the account had not been used for quite some time.  I also discovered she had been tweeting and in physical contact with a Stacy Geisinger, who owns/operates a popular blog with a large following,  Here again is one of the many tweets they shared; this one is from April of 2010:
I visited Stacy's blog, noticed that there was a Facebook Page for the site and contacted Ms. Stacy Geisinger about her apparent friend:

"SHE DOESN'T TWEET" is a curt, brief and hardly eloquent response from a proficient blogger, it's certainly a strange response, especially since clearly Christine White did tweet and does tweet.  What's more, after this contact, some weird things happened.
  1. Christine White deleted all of her comments from her Twitter account, the ones to "sanemjfan" and about myself, including the one accusing me of being a "stalker".
  2. Christine White deleted her first name from her Twitter account so that it  reads:  "C White" (It was changed again to "Yolatanga" and now has been changed once more to SpaGirl) To date the Twitter account has been deleted.
  3. Christine White put up a comment claiming that her account had been hacked AND accusing "Michael Jackson fans" of stalking her.
  4. Christine White purposely re-tweeted only one of the comments David Edwards aka "sanemjfan" wrote to her, where he calls her stupid and explains why he re-tweeted her tweets.  All tweets harassing David Edwards and myself were deleted.

Now, who is following Christine M. White around the web and posting blatant lies about her, slandering her, and harassing her?

No one.  Christine White is doing damage control and playing victim, like all cyber stalkers and harassers. Cyber stalkers love to abuse and harass others but only behind pseudonyms and monikers.  Stacy Gessinger, in a misguided attempt to protect her friend, lied for her -- or maybe she is just in denial.  Our FB conversation continued as follows:

I highly doubt that Christine M. White was hacked.  If Christine M. White had truly been hacked, she would have apologized to the people who were targeted by her hacker; she would not be accusing the people who were victimized by her fictitious hacker of stalking.   Psychotic people are not very creative.  Basically, she used the line that was fed to her.
Furthermore, here is a little more information from the huge file of evidence that I have against Christine M. White.  It is well known by all who have been stalked by the Topix troll of the Michael Jackson forum that the crazed, delusional person primarily operates from an I.P. address located in Danbury, Connecticut and originally posted under various names, but when she was not using proxy servers, "fake" nics and masking her location, her most favorite names were "Murray is a Hero" and "Floons R Fools" :   She often boasted on Topix how she was "tweeting" about her victims.

Christine M. White has stalked and harassed many people over the web.  This, I believe,  is her Disqus account: (to date it has been deleted). Two years ago her focus was on someone else but her verbiage, methods, accusations and style was the same.  

A very young, highly unstable and manipulative (then 23 years old) named Desiree Ladonna Hill posted as "Flabine" (and many other nics) on Topix.  It is she who incited Christine M. White to stalk me on the Michael Jackson forums.  Desiree Ladonna Hill resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, currently attends the University of Nevada as a Biology major and has a documented history of disordered, abusive, online behavior.  There was an article on a blog authored by her about myself and my children; she posted pictures of all of us and her criticism was that I admired Michael Jackson, along with a false accusation that I was stalking her.  Sound familiar? (This blog was deleted by Court Order.)

Christine M. White uses multiple "nics" or pseudonyms on the web, just as she, without merit, accuses her victims of doing. After this article was posted, she changed her handle on Twitter to "Yolatanga", a name which further incriminates her because as you can clearly see below, she used it before.

She constantly accuses her victims of stalking her, making "death threats" and being drug addicts on welfare. 

As stated, she created a silly blog on Blogger using the "nic" "Truth Teller", where she continued the slander and harassment of myself that began in the Topix forum. On Topix she uses several handles, such as "MJTruth" and "Truth Prevail".  To fuel her psychosis, and because she was not getting any attention from her stalking, she began tweeting about her victims.  Please Note: As of July, 2013, her handle on Twitter became SpaGirl and the account is now deleted.

Stacy Geisinger of Westchester and doesn't want to know what is patently clear: Her friend is a psychopath.

She continued to defend Christine White, even though Christine White picked up right where she left off and began harassing David Edwards and other Michael Jackson fans AGAIN just a few hours after she deleted all of her prior incriminating tweets and claimed she'd been hacked. Look at the dates:

A few weeks later, she could not help but fixate on me again. Go ahead, click the picture below, then right click so you can see for yourself.  The claim that *Christine M. White's twitter account was hacked is bogus.  It's a complete lie. NOTE:  Christine M. White tried to distance herself from this article by changing her name to SpaGirl on Twitter and when that didn't work, she deleted her Twitter account.

Just as this blog states right under its title, the purpose of this stalking (if there is a purpose) is to attack and punish myself (and anyone who falls under Christine White's aka Yolatanga aka Spagirl's radar)  for daring to admire Michael Jackson.  Christine White has the right to dislike Michael Jackson but she doesn't have the right to stalk, slander and harass anyone for having a different opinion.
   That is the end of the story.  There is nothing more to it than that.  

It is petty.  It is stupid.  As Stacy Geisinger said IT IS ridiculous.

It is STILL ongoing.


Most importantly, it is morally and ethically wrong.


Occupy Peace said...

Sabine, I saw your blog because it links someplace to my blog. I too have experienced cyberstalking. It is illegal and terrible. Please report it to

Sabine Faustin said...

Thanks for commenting Occupy, you provide really valuable information on your blog. I think I linked to the article you wrote on being a provacateur? Thanks for sharing your knowledge with others, it is very much appreciated.

Stalking is terrible and i just wish there were quick and severe consequences for it. I have indeed filed a report with the Ic3, I did that as soon as I was able to identify the person stalking me. For anyone else who is reading there's also a link in the side bar directly to the complaint page, too. Thanks again for the support.


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